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These Unprecedented Times.

These ‘unprecedented’ times. I’m sorry or I’m not sorry, writing a little blog on why the world has been turned upside down, whilst we are shut inside our homes only allowed outside ‘for exercise, shop for food or attend medical appointments’. I didn’t want to write the article as it would date my website, but this is such an historical event, I feel it needs a mention if only to ‘put it in my diary’ here.

How do you feel? Scared, helpless, angry, hopeless? Or do you feel ‘let’s get on with it’.  Personally I found the less I watched the news, the less I felt it affected, on the times I watched the news (once a week), I felt despair, sad, what about the whole worlds’ economy?   But in my own home I felt safe, content, I’m going to hunker down and get some jobs done, after all no clients and visitors family or friends are going to beckon me outside.

It’s great. And others have found this a time of reflection, putting to use those skills forgotten. Bread and cakes have been baked, scrub linen bags have been sewn, so too have face masks and ear protectors for our health workers. We’ve stepped aside on pavements, formed orderly queues outside supermarkets, we’ve telephoned family and friends we can’t visit, we’ve delivered supplies to the vulnerable. We’ve sown our own veg, fixed the gutter, decorated the lounge. We’ve You Tubed and Zoomed business meetings, yoga, gym sessions and educated our children on our laptops. We’ve prepared meals with our children, sat down around the table to eat. What’s not to like?

Personally getting through two years of fruit picked from the hedgerows and stored in my freezer was enough for me to feel pretty happy. The realisation that I didn’t need  so much to store, so when the blackberries ripen this year  I will offer some up to my neighbours.

So to me lockdown has given me the time to be used effectively, upping my skills to running the business side of In Good Hands Therapies. And also nurturing my body and spirit with good healthy food, thoughts and practises.

How has lockdown affected you?