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1. GET MOVING. Many of us tend to ‘hunker down’ when the days shorten and the nights draw in. We might be watching more TV, or using devices as a means of whiling away the time, and before you know it, a couple of hours have passed and we’ve stiffened up in our backs, necks and legs.

If you’re working from home at a laptop/desk, try and move every hour. Go and get a glass of water to drink, run up and down stairs a few times. Perhaps a few stretching exercises when you’re waiting for the kettle to boil. Just make yourself move every day. Remember, we humans used to have to go out and catch, grow and pick our food to survive.

2. EATING HEALTHY. Leading on from GET MOVING and growing our food, not all of us have green fingers or the space to grow our own vegetables or salad, but some supermarkets sell ‘living’ herbs or salad leaves. These are super scrummy and organic, pick fresh to perk up meals and  add immune boosting nutrients. Try making your own soups using up veg  in the kitchen,  add a stock cube, fresh or dry herbs maybe add some lentils or another pulse or bean. Hey presto. A  healthy meal knowing what’s gone into it and it won’t have preservatives!

Salads can be made more substantial and don’t have to cost a fortune when using  seasonable ingredients. Dry or tinned beans and pulses can be added to fresh ingredients and can be the   carbohydrates of the meal. Pulses are high in iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous and fibre. Collectively, these minerals aid our immunity, reduce our risk to heart disease and type two diabetes and enables our digestion to keep moving along with other health benefits.

3. STAY HYDRATED. We should all drink around two litres of water a day! This excludes any caffeinated drinks. Fruit juices should be diluted as they’re high in fruit sugars, and although better  than refined sugars,  they have an osmotic effect with water already in our bodies. Try herbal or fruit teas, these are pleasant enough to be consumed hot or cold. Or add a slice of lemon to hot or cold water, lemon is very cleansing, refreshing and detoxifying.

4. LIMIT ALCOHOL  INTAKE. Around the festive or celebratory periods,  it is easy to get into the habit of an alcoholic beverage every night. Usually home measures are on the generous side and beware wine units may vary depending on the alcohol volume of that particular bottle. Suggested ‘safe’ number of alcohol units for females is 14 per week and males are 21 units. But it is more important to have two (minimum), nights  abstaining from alcohol a week.

5. MANAGE STRESS. How can stress present itself?  Anxiety, depression and pain are  common effects of stress and the sooner stress is addressed,  the more short term these effects are likely to last. Stress can trigger the release of adrenaline and cortisol, our flight or fight hormones which short term can be beneficial if we need to run to catch a bus for example but long term is detrimental to the body in general. You can manage stress by sitting in a quiet space, perhaps lighting a scented candle and listening to some calming music. Reducing excessive caffeine intake, exercise for 20 minutes a day or try some simple yoga poses are all useful for decreasing the harmful effects of stress as are deep breathing exercises can help activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which controls the relaxation response too.

6. HOLISTIC THERAPIES. During times of  Covid 19 restrictions or any other reason you may not be able to have face to face treatments following the above recommendations can help to  keep your body working at its optimum.

Alternatively I am able to offer Distant Reiki Healing which has proved very successful and effective with helping with stress and anxiety. The client would sit or lie somewhere quiet where they’re unlikely to be disturbed  at a specific agreed time. Using the techniques I have been attuned with,  the client may feel warmth or tingling. This usually happens when areas  are out of balance or there is something physically ‘not quite right there’. At the end of the given time, I will get to you with feedback as to what I felt and you can do the same. People who have Reiki on a regular basis, are often happy and  have a well balanced mental health. Why not give Distant Reiki Healing a try yourself?