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Support your immune system!

Cold remedies.

As many of  you  are aware of my passion for helping people and my clients. I am going to share with you some simple and effective ways of fighting colds.

VICKS!! Yes that pongy stuff in the blue jar. My top tip is to rub some into your feet, soles and tops of feet at bedtime, possibly wear a pair of fluffy pair of socks to prevent it wiping off on the sheets. You can also rub some on your chest too.

Drinking fluids to fight a cold.

I love a Hot Lemon drink with honey. Warm water is absorbed into the body quicker than cold and enhances the flavours. Lemon is naturally antiseptic and stimulates our immunity. Lemons are high in antioxidants which remove free radicals from within us, free radicals may harm our bodies and cause disease. Lemon juice can improve the absorption of iron when consumed as food eg dark green leafy veg. Lemon juice also helps our complexion as it supports the formation of collagen found throughout the body.

Vitamin C 1000mg effervescent tablets orange or black currant flavour. These are sold everywhere in tubes and range from 99p to £3. You need to take these three times a day, especially if you’re suffering a cold and space the doses out eg on waking, bedtime and afternoon. Why? Because the body can’t store water soluble vitamins, we just wee out the excess, hence Vit C needs to be ‘trickle fed’ into us.

Ginger is anti inflammatory and pain relieving, it is also known to raise the body temperature which helps us fight infection. Can be taken in capsule form but also used in cooking.I like to buy a piece of root, grate then freeze it, stops it from drying out and it’s always fresh, then add to hot water for a tasty drink to sip all day.

Dietary supplements.

Echinachea drops to drink in water. You can only take Echinacea for 7-10 days at a time before having a break.

Garlic is antiviral and antimicrobial. If you don’t like the taste or cooking with it, it comes in capsule form.
Zinc tablets often partnered with Vit C tablets or the effervescent tablets.

Holistic Therapies to help.

Reflexology supports the immune system and all the other systems in the body. A course of between 4-6 are often needed to get the maximum benefits for a thorough body over haul. Specific spots to work would be the immune system, lungs, brain and thymus for maximum effect. Reflexology is so nice to have a lovely foot rub. Don’t worry if you have ticklish feet, my pressure is quite firm so squirming isn’t an issue.

If none of these help and the cold has taken hold, I recommend

Hopi Ear Candling excellent for kicking a cold and the sinus congestion that goes with it into next week and beyond!  Hopi Ear Candling is a beautiful, relaxing therapy which works on the sinuses and can relieve headaches which often go with colds and conjestion. By lighting the candle , which looks like a straw, the air in the candle is warmed by the flame which is then sucked into the ear. The movement and compression between the ear canal and candle chamber generates air flow creating a massaging effect against the ear drum. A gentle popping may be heard due to rising air pushing through the auditory canal, which helps regulate the ear pressure.

Hopi Ear Candling is a wonderful treatment on it’s own but can be combined with a massage. Please ask for this bespoke add, not just for it’s health benefits  but it’s relaxing nature.