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Holistic Facial

Holistic Facial.  45 mins £45

Holistic facials have many benefits both physical & psychological. Clients can expect to feel an improvement in muscle and skin tone & texture. There may be further improvement with sinus drainage & desquamation, rids the skin of old cells aiding new cell regeneration. This rejeuvenates the skin and helps maintain a good skin balance of dry & oily levels. 

Having a Holistic Facial can help reduce stress, headaches & muscles tension both to the area worked (head, neck and shoulders) but also throughout the body too. A Holistic Facial also helps to softens facial lines & decreases wrinkles which in itself increases self esteem and creates a sense of well being.

You can expect a cleanse followed by a deep cleanse, tone & moisturise whilst addressing the facial accupoints- aiding a deeper holistic treatment. Holistic Facials are great as a one off treat for yourself or to see longer lasting improvements, a series of weekly appointments for six weeks is advised.

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