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Temporal Mandibular Therapy (TMJ Therapy)

TMJ Therapy introductory offer: First appointment 75 minutes £65 Second & subsequent 1 hour appointments £55

What is TMJ dysfunction?

If you have ever suffered from TMJ dysfunction, it’s likely you won’t forget the pain and discomfort that goes with it. Symptoms vary from an audible jaw joint – clicking or popping to tinnitus, a painful or tired sensation in the face. Usually headaches, eye discomfort, neck, shoulder & back pain are experienced, sometimes with numbness and tingling in the hands and/ or fingers.

Who would likely be affected with of TMJ Dysfunction?

If you had a trauma, whiplash or blow to the head, clench or grind your teeth (usually under times of stress). Possibly you have a foreward head posture, arthritis or other internal degeneration of the jaw joint. Often sleeping on your stomach can create the jaw to sway to the side overextending the ligaments.

How can I help your TMJ dysfunction?

Using advanced myofacia release, trigger point and massage therapies, specific techniques are applied to the back, neck, feet and head. A small amount of intraoral work with my gloved hand is needed to provide a relaxing, non evasive and long lasting relief to TMJ dysfunction suffers.

It really is an all over body workout, giving a huge release of excessive muscle tension throughout your body. You will feel lighter, more mobile and your jaw pain will begin to diminish. It is such an effective treatment releasing muscle tension throughout, that I would recommend to people with only a few TMJ dysfunction symptoms.

How many TMJ therapy treatments will I need to feel better?

First appointment is 75 minutes long. This includes a detailed consultation, an examination. This enables me to create a bespoke treatment, aimed at alleviating your most severest area of discomfort. A second follow up appointment 2-3 weeks later is advised to achieve the maximum effect. I expect some of the symptoms will have returned, but usually not as bad as at your first appointment.

Stretching exercises will be given and this will enhance the treatment I give to bring about an effective and long lasting result. There maybe other self care ideas advised to supplement the treatment . Most people will find after four or five treatments their symptoms have significantly improved.

With the continuation of  stretches & exercises performed at home, I would expect maintenance treatments only be needed once or twice a year.
I may suggest other self care ideas advised to supplement the treatment.

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