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Reiki. 1 hour £50

Reiki is a Japanese  Universal or life force energy hands on healing system. When you receive Reiki from a practitioner,  they have been attuned to receive and pass this healing energy to the recipient in a safe and effective way. Reiki maybe used for physical ‘ailments’, on an emotional level or to gain further insight on a spiritual level. Whichever way you feel you need this form of healing, Reiki will source where it needs to go in the amount you need for your highest good. It releases blockages and balances the energy within the body enabling the client to de-stress and assists the body to heal itself.

When you come for a Reiki session, there will be a brief discussion to see what you want to gain from the healing experience. Most people will lie down on the couch fully clothed but you may also sit in a chair. You may feel warm, cool or tingling in the area I’m working; my hands may or may not touch you. What most people feel is deep relaxation, a sense of calm and wellbeing and, some people may see colours. We can talk about what you experienced at the close of treatment or you may wish to keep it to yourself.

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