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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage. 45 minutes £45

Indian Head Massage is traditionally performed in the chair with or without special oil to the hair being applied or not. Indian Head Massage is massage to the upper arms, neck, shoulders, upper back and head paying attention to the accupoints on the head which when addressed, helps the body to heal itself.

Indian Head Massage is deeply relaxing, it is quite amazing how much tension is stored in the upper arms, scalp and along the jaw line. Knots in the upper torso get released with a firm or gentle pressure. The massage to the head is quite blissful with many clients ‘zoning out’, light pressure to accupoints on the face and scalp create a feeling of further relaxation.

Clients may choose Indian Head Massage if they are reserved about body image or new to self-care treatments. The treatment may help with stress and anxiety, headaches associated with stress or muscle tension, poor sleep patterns, migraines, sinusitis and  ear symptoms (excessive ear wax).

It works on an emotional level too, calming the mind. It is deeply relaxing and therapeutic, it is remarkable how a shorter 20 minute session can be truly beneficial.

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