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Get ready for Autumn and Winter

Autumn leaves in hands

As I write my first blog I note the cooler temperatures, the hand hovering over the central heating thermostat – shall I or shan’t I put the heating on this evening? This year we seem to have slipped into Autumn over just a couple of days and before we know it, we’ll be scraping ice off our cars in the mornings.

Nature doesn’t worry about these things, the seasons are here to be embraced and welcomed. Nature provides for us in our harvests but we must expect Nature to rest, recover and restore for her to generate growth in new shoots come Spring time.

It is from Mother Nature that we must learn to be flexible and accept and expect change in order to grow and succeed in ourselves.

In order to accept the darker mornings and shorter days it is good to plan ahead to avoid lowering of our moods, and how we could react to what seems like endless, sunless days.

So why not plan ahead so that there is something in the diary to look forward to, for example.

  • Meet friends for coffee or plan a night in with friends and  cooking a meal to share.
  • Taking a brisk walk outside regardless of the weather.
  • Start a new fitness regime, no need to wait for those New Year’s resolutions.
  • Sort out the wardrobe, pack away your summer clothes and dig out the jumpers and heavier weight trousers and coats.
  • Buy some cosy throws to snuggle under as you’re curled up on the sofa.

By accepting change and not fighting it, we move forward and create a feeling of accomplishment which in turn creates a feeling of wellbeing.  Planning to embrace the changes going on around us that we have no control over, we give ourselves options and choices which we may find empowering  but more importantly will help our wellbeing. In achieving this well being,  we will help to support our immune system at the time of year we need it most.

So plan now to enjoy these cooler, darker seasons, and in doing so you will help your mind, body and spirit to welcome and embrace these natural changes going on around us.