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Hot Stones Massage

Hot and Cold Stones Massage. £60 for 1 hour.

Add on a 15 minute face and scalp massage 1 hour 15 minutes £70

Using carefully warmed, smooth and oiled, volcanic basalt stones, I work on areas most needing the deep penetrating action from their heat. Heat has a sedating effect to the peripheral nerves soothing inflamed nerves and muscles enabling a release of muscular spasms, stiffness and pain.

Hot Stones Massage is deeply detoxifying due to the deeper level the heat from the stones can penetrate within the body. Blood capillaries expand due to the heat applied,  improving blood supply around the body delivering fresh nutrients and oxygen.

 A brief application of the cold stones, they feel cold even at room temperature, helps to close the pores of the skin and also have  an invigorating and anti-inflammatory effect  ie. reduce swelling in the case of an injury.

This is a fantastic treatment as an occasional treat or those with a lot of built up muscular  tension due to stress or physical action. It may also improve poor sleep patterns by releasing stress and reducing muscular aches, pains and stiffness

Add on a 15 minute face and scalp massage 1 hour 15 minutes £70

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