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Hug in a Box

Now offering gift boxes to support your well-being.

Packed with Love. Can be Reiki charged too!

I created these boxes to offer clients support in their absence from the therapy room. I feel it’s my way of helping them not feel guilty about treating themselves and to love them themselves with a few health boosting luxuries… But anyone can purchase one or more either as a gift or why not honour yourself!

All boxes contain a candle and scented tea light, teas to sip and chill with, a jar of Lavender and Bergamot scented foot soak, crystals to enhance positivity and a bar of organic chocolate. There’s also a handmade crocheted heart and an inspirational quote within each box.

Currently there are 3 different box sizes to choose from and will contain more or less products. In addition to those listed above there is soap, roller balls to rub over pulse points to improve mood or vitality, power bracelets -intuitively chosen for the individual recipient, there’s also a bottle of massage / bath oil with relaxing essential oils.

It’s been a special journey for me sourcing elements to fill these gift boxes and feel they offer exceptional value for money. The boxes retail from £20 for 7 items to £33 for 12 items within the boxes. All boxes can be Reiki charged at no extra cost and can be posted at a little extra charge or collected to suit.


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